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Non-standard errors
"Kleine Schritte, große Fehler" written by Martin Spiewak, 24 November 2021, Link:

Investors keep a close eye on GameStop, written by Monte Stewart, 7 September 2021, Link: 

Cryptocurrencies are not the New Gold
The truth about Bitcoin and Gold’s correlation, written by Ekta Mourya, AMB Crypto, 21 September 2020, Link:

OPINION: Is there actually a case for owning gold?, written by David Stevenson, CityWire, 05 October 2021 , Link:
Bitcoin Is Not Gold 2.0, appeared on Political Calculations, 26 April 2022, Link:

Drivers of Cryptocurrency Volatility
CFA Institute Journal Review, Summarized by Antony Jackson CFA, 10 September 2020, Link: 

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NI academics gives mixed views on issue of oil and gas cartels and retail prices, written by Philip Bradfield, 22 October 2021, Link: Link to article